Date for a Cause
November 8th
Name: Justin

My Date – Up, Up, and Away

I’ll take you on a private hot air balloon ride for that two includes champagne and breakfast or appetizers, your choice!  This magical trip with me will be followed with dinner at The Gladly at the Biltmore.

Get to know Justin

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Occupation: Professional Football Player – Cornerback

Personal Interests: Food, music and sports.

Favorite Food: Sweet potatoes! Growing up, my grandmother used to make sweet potato pies and I have loved them ever since. I always try to order some when I go to a restaurant. Plus they are good for you!

Most Amazing Place I Visited: I would say The Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. It’s amazing to see the amount of work and detail that was put into the estate during that time (1800′s).

How I Spend My Free Time: I like to watch cartoons and movies. Sometimes I play the drums at home.

Some Unique Qualities About Me: I love to bake, my specialty is cheesecake. I can make it from scratch! If I didn’t play football, I would go to culinary school.

I Am Most Proud: Graduating from college with my degree and making it into the NFL.

Most Embarrassing Date Story: I remember a specific time in college. I took someone out to a restaurant, and as I was turning into the parking lot, the car shut off and died. My car would not start and other cars were starting to line up behind me. I was so embarrassed! Eventually, I was able to crank up the car and get it started. I knew the car would shut off and die sometimes, but I was hoping it would not happen that night!

My Ideal Fun Date: I love to joke around, laugh and have fun! Anything that includes those three things is a fun date.

My Involvement In Community Service: I love spending time with kids. Recently, I visited the Children’s Hospitals in Tucson and Phoenix, and spent time with kids in the intensive care unit. I am also a coach for the NFL Play 60 events for kids in Phoenix. I love seeing the kids smile and laugh. It feels good to know that I am helping them.

Why I Am Putting Myself Up On The Auction Block: Once I heard about the cause, I thought why not? It’s just a little of my time and it will help a lot of kids.

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